About Me

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I have had an incredible journey. God willing, one that continues for many more years.

I enjoyed a great family life growing up in the midwest. Entering my 20’s, I felt the need for adventure and moved around various places. My favorite home away from home was St. Thomas. Offering beautiful sand, water and laid back atmosphere, it was like living in paradise.

The True Adventure Begins

There was a time, while living in paradise, that God captured my attention. Until this point, God and I had what you might call a hit-and-miss relationship. That is, we had no relationship at all.

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It was literally a picture-perfect day. True, almost every day there was picture perfect. But, this day was especially gorgeous. A pale blue sky hung over the azure water of the Carribbean, maybe a couple of whispy clouds passed in the light breeze. It was the ever-consistent 83 degrees. I should have been enjoying and savoring the environment.

I was laying on a lounge chair on the deck overlooking the waterfront. And, I remember just thinking: God, this is it!? This is the purpose of my life? I live in paradise, but it seems empty - like I’m missing something.

It was then that God called me home literally and spiritually. I moved back home to the midwest. The next weekend, I attended church. I met and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I am beyond blessed with an amazing family of my own now, enjoy a career that I am incredibly passionate about and have found communities both in my chruch family and information security that encourage me to be a better man, husband, Dad, student and mentor.

I am beginning a two-year residency with church which is going to be a lot of reading and writing. This site is a space for me to think, document things I’m learning and hopefully encourage you along the way. I’ve been encouraged by the InfoSec community to ‘pay-it-forward’ and pass along what I am learning with others. I have never blogged because I feel like there is a mountain of information already out there. But, the idea is everyone has a bit different perspective and delivery. So, hopefully what I am learning is helping to you as well. I will write about what I’m learining in the residency, information security and data privacy.

Feel free to tag along, I look forward to engaging and interacting.